The research activities of the various partners of the SPHeritage project have produced numerous studies and publications. This section collects the abstracts of the studies sent by the project members at national and international meetings and conferences.


Scientific papers

D.D. Ryan, E. Starnini, M. Serradimigni, E. Rossoni-Notter, O. Notter, A. Zerboni, F. Negrino, S. Grimaldi, M. Vacchi, L. Ragaini, A. Rovere, A. Perego, G. Muttoni, F. Santaniello, A. Moussous, M. Pappalardo,
(2024), A geoarchaeological review of Balzi Rossi, Italy: A crossroad of Palaeolithic populations in the northwest Mediterranean, Quaternary Science Reviews 327,


Presentations and abstracts


ProGeo 2023

Bollati - The BalziI Rrossi geocultural site (ligurian coast,Italy) - an opportunity to enhance the connection between geosciences and cultural heritage


INQUA 2023

Gazzo et al. - What can marine shells tell us about climate change and human behaviour? A contribution to the SPHeritage Project

Pappalardo et al. - Understanding the relationship between humans and the coastal environment in the deep past: the consilient approach of SPHeritage Project

Raffa et al. - Detecting submerged palaeo-shoreline landforms in the Ligurian Provençal continental shelf facing an outstanding Palaeolithic archaeological site through multibeam and high-resolution seismic data

Ryan et al. - The Pleistocene sea-level record of the Balzi Rossi archaeological area, Ventimiglia, Italy

Zerboni et al. - Reconsidering Mid-Upper Pleistocene natural and anthropogenic cave sediments at the Balzi Rossi archaeological area (Liguria, Northern Italy)


Londra 2023

Ryan - A Pleistocene sea-level record from the archaeologically significant Balzi Rossi, north-western Mediterranean


Convegno Associazione Italiana Geologia e Turismo 2022

Pelfini et al. - Variazione del livello del mare e storia antica dell'uomo: il geoarcheosito dei Balzi Rossi (Ventimiglia, Liguria) per la divulgazione delle geoscienze


IAG Coimbra 2022

Ryan et al. - Ongoing investigations of the Pleistocene sea-level fluctuations at the Balzi Rossi archaeological area, Ventimiglia, Italy


NEPTUNE Talks, 2022

Pappalardo - Investigating Pleistocene sea-level changes through cultural heritage: methods and tools from SPHeritage Project


EGU General Assembly 2022

Pappalardo et al. - Investigating Pleistocene sea-level changes along the northern Mediterranean coast through Palaeolithic cultural heritage: perspectives from the SPHeritage Project

Zerboni et al. - Upper Pleistocene sea level changes and human peopling at the northern margin of the Mediterranean Sea: the SPHeritage Project


Commémoration Albert Ier - Monaco 2022

Pappalardo et al. - SPHeritage - leçons pour le future du patrimonie culturel du passé